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Featured Briefing

This month's featured briefing looks at Projects and Programmes.

It discusses the fundamental differences between a Project and a Programme, and explains why some projects are seen as failures even when they have delivered all that they were charged to do.

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Projectia's Services

Business Consultancy

Successful businesses are nearly always driven by people with a strong drive and a focus on what needs to be done. However, there will come a time where the business faces problems that are outside of the experience and expertise of those in control. These are times of high risk because a poor decision (or no decision at all) can bring a company to its corporate knees, or worse. This is where the impartial objectivity and support of an external business consultancy can be invaluable. 

Projectia have substantial expertise in business management and can provide an essential and independent perspective on your business's direction, whilst helping to implement any necessary changes quickly, effectively and with minimum risk.

Project & Programme Mentoring

Projects succeed or fail largely due to the people behind them, whether that be the project manager, the sponsors or key stakeholders.

Success is more likely when a pitfall is spotted early and appropriate action taken. It is also true that most people learn by their own mistakes rather than those of others. By supplementing an inexperienced project team with a skilled and experienced mentor it is much easier to avoid those pitfalls and reduce the risk of failure or project over-runs.

Our consultants have mentored a number of client project teams, reducing overall costs and bringing additional manpower to help ensure that the projects have been successful.

Project & Programme Managed Solutions

Projectia can provide a turn-key solution for your project with the right people to drive through the management of your Projects and Programmes, smoothly and effectively.

Our consultants can also work alongside your in-house team, enhancing its capabilities with experience and expertise. All of our people are carefully chosen for their proven ability to deliver in demanding situations. They are accomplished in the use of structured methodologies such as PRINCE2 and MSP, yet retain the versatility to work effectively in environments where PPM systems are still being evolved.  

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Project Health Checks

Our consultants can apply our independence and experience to help you evaluate objectively the true status, or "health", of your project. This will allow you to:

  • obtain an impartial assessment of the project's current state
  • determine whether corrective action is necessary (or viable)
  • identify any intrinsic factors (risks or issues) that could influence the project's ability to deliver
  • provide you with objective evidence to support the continuation or closure of a project

Project Recovery

Not every project is a complete success, but that does not mean that the remainder must automatically be failures. Most failing projects can claim to have made some degree of progress and this can be recovered, returning earned value to the sponsors. And in some cases that may be sufficient to justify the continuation of a (re-scheduled and re-budgeted) project.

Our Project Recovery service can provide essential support to a project that is off-track, over-budget or simply failing to deliver. We are proud to claim that our consultants have been instrumental in the recovery of a number of under-performing or failing projects and we are very happy to talk with you if your own projects might benefit from impartial expert help.

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