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Featured Briefing

This month's featured briefing looks at Projects and Programmes.

It discusses the fundamental differences between a Project and a Programme, and explains why some projects are seen as failures even when they have delivered all that they were charged to do.

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Projectia has produced a number of briefings on a variety of business and project management related topics.

We hope that you find them interesting and informative.


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RUP as a Business Improvement Tool

Briefing: RUP and its potential as a business change methodology


This article looks at the Rational Unified Process, aka "RUP", and discusses its potential value as a business development methodology.

Project or Programme?

Briefing: Project or Programme?


Project, Programme, Portfolio? What's in a name? This article discusses the important distinctions between each and what they should deliver.




This brief describes CMMi and its value for measuring and improving business process performance.

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